Are Bats Protected in Michigan?

According to the experts, there are 9 species of bats in the state of Michigan. They are known as micro-bats, and they use echolocation to find their food. Their diet primarily consists of beetles, flies, moths, and other various insects. Under normal circumstances, they are able to capture 600 to 1,000 insects per hour.

All 9 of the bat species in the state of Michigan are considered threatened, if not endangered. This means that they are protected and if you kill or harm them, you could end up in a lot of trouble. If you do have bats in your home, there are ways that you can humanely remove them. Contact Precision Wildlife Removal today to help you get the bats away from your home and in a safer location.

Why is the Bat Population Declining?

In recent years, the bat population in the state of Michigan has been declining. This is primarily due to a disease known as white-nose syndrome, which affects hibernating bats and is caused by a particular fungus that forms in caves.

The fungus causes the bats to wake up early from hibernation, meaning they use up the fat they have stored and are unable to survive harsh winter conditions.

Why Do We Need Bats?

If you’ve ever dealt with bats in your home, you probably see them as a nuisance and wonder why they need to be saved. After all, they spread disease, they destroy parts of your home, and they leave behind harmful guano. We do understand the devastation that bats can cause when they get into your home and your attics and crawl spaces are not the best place for them to establish residence.

That being said, they really are an integral part of the ecosystem. First of all, they eat a substantial portion of the insect population. In fact, as we mentioned, they can eat up to 1,000 insects in an hour- which is a lot! If you live near water or a wooded area or you grow crops, this has a major impact on you. They naturally keep the insect population under control, so you don’t have to worry about spraying harmful chemicals.

They also play a major role in pollination. When you think about bats and all the things they do, you probably don’t really think about pollination. However, they help with crops such as cocoa plants, flowers, fruits, and more. So, next time you do your grocery shopping, think about how those furry little creatures helped the food get to your cart.

Finally, bats disperse seeds from a variety of plants- not just in the state of Michigan- but all over the world. There are many plants that can’t spread their seeds without help and would not survive without the help of bats.

Therefore, as you can see, bats play a major role in life as we know it and without them, we would be severely lacking.

Humane Bat Removal Services

At Precision Wildlife Removal, we remove bats from your home in a safe and humane way. Once we get them out of your home, we will take them to an area where they Don’t just survive but thrive! Then, we can help you prevent the further infestation from bats or other wildlife.