Justin, President of Precision Wildlife Removal, performs a bat inspection at a home in Rochester Hills, MI.  Despite the fact that this home is absolutely beautiful with great curb appeal, it’s also quite inviting to bats, squirrels, mice, raccoons and all types of critters.  The home has an Intricate roof with lots of intersecting roof lines, eaves, roof returns, soffit vents, ridge vents, flashing, and cedar shake siding.

Let’s take a look at the various entry points for bats and other wildlife to enter the home.

Bat Entry Point 1: Poor Flashing

Although there is flashing here, it’s not secured well enough to prevent bats from getting in the attic. If Justin can get his hand in there, then so can a bat squeeze its way under it and into the attic.

Bat Entry Point Poor Flashing

Bat Entry Point 2: Ridge Vents

This home has a lot of ridge vents – and bats LOVE ridge vents.  Again, if a human hand with a glove can get under this ridge vent, there is no doubt that a bat will be able to squeeze its way in there as well.  Some of the ridge vents are even loose enough to move a few fingers up and down under them. This is a prime area for bats, mice, squirrels and even raccoons.  A family of raccoons can easily lift up the ridge vent, hop in, and make themselves at home in your attic.

Bat Entry Point Ridge Vents

Bat Entry Point 3: Gap in Construction

Here you can see there is a gap where the roof meets the home’s construction.  This is more than enough room for a bat to gain access to the attic.  It does not take a very large hole for bats to enter.  Notice the evidence of bat poop (Guano) on the roofing shingles.

Bat Entry Point Roof Construction

Bat Entry Point 4: Cedar Shake Siding

Although cedar shake siding adds character to a home, it can also provide a prime roosting area for bats.  This cedar shake siding is held on by little finish nails.  Bats love roosting from these little shakes.  Bats will hang right underneath the siding creating somewhat of a bat house.  There’s plenty of cedar shakes on this home for bats to make it one giant bat house.

Bat Entry Point Cedar Shake Siding

Bat Entry Point 5: Uncapped Chimneys

Actually, there’s a total of 4 uncapped chimneys on this home.  This is simply an open invitation for critters of all sorts to enter the home.  In addition, the nearby trees and shrubs provide a highway for raccoons to gain access to the rooftop.

Bat Entry Point Uncapped Chimney

Bat Inspection Video – Rochester Hills, MI

Bat Removal & Prevention, Wildlife Control & Attic Restoration

It’s a good thing this homeowner called Michigan’s #1 Wildlife Removal Company.  Not only are we going to evict the bats, seal up the home to make it critter proof and prevent bats from entering again, we will also be performing attic restoration.  The attic has plenty of damage with bat guano, destroyed insulation and needs a lot of work from a professional restoration contractor.  Luckily, we’ll be working with this homeowners insurance company to cover all cost with no out-of-pocket expenses for this Bat Removal in Rochester Hills, MI.

If you suspect your home has bats or other wildlife, get in touch with Precision Wildlife Removal and schedule your inspection today!