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MI Bat Removal & Control Service


Michigan Bat Removal and Control

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While bats don’t normally pose much of a risk to humans, that can change when they find a way into your home. These creatures, which are normally a good pest deterrent (especially mosquitos) can become a serious pest themselves, endangering the home and the family. Precision Wildlife Removal offers Michigan bat control services to anyone in the state who believes they have an infestation in their attic. Here’s what you need know about these winged pests.

The Dangers of a Bat Infestation in Your Michigan Home

Bats normally aren’t of much concern to humans, but when they’re in the home, that’s a different case. They are known carriers of diseases, including a range of viruses that can transmit to humans, and rabies that can make them more aggressive than usual. Their guano also often contains fungi with spores that can be inhaled.

Even if they don’t carry disease, bats can still make you and your home sick. They regularly damage property by making nests out of or amongst insulation material and by scratching and scoring your walls. Furthermore, bats leave guano, urine, grease, and hair in their wake. All of this can worsen the air quality in your home. All those allergens can exacerbate or even cause respiratory health problems, including asthma.

Michigan Bat Removal Control

Bat Removal & Control in Michigan

Top Michigan Cities Served: West Bloomfield ● Rochester ● Oakland Township ● Northville ● Canton ● Farmington Hills ● Ann Arbor ● Richmond ● Saginaw ● Lansing ● Midland ● Kalamazoo ● Grand Rapids ● Traverse City ● Petoskey ● Mount Pleasant ● Grand Haven ● Harbor Springs

Top Michigan Counties Served: St. Clair ● Macomb ● Oakland ● Washtenaw ● Genesee ● Lapeer ● Wayne ● Saginaw ● Livingston ● Ingham ● Kalamazoo ● Kent ● Grand Traverse ● Isabella ● Ottawa ●  Emmet

Don’t Remove Bats DIY, Enlist the Help of Precision Wildlife Removal

You should never attempt to get rid of bats by yourself. There are many home remedies you might have heard of for bat removal, like ultrasonic devices, strobe lighting, mothballs, and ammonia. However, none of them are proven to work in the long-term. Another common strategy is to try seal all the entrances to the attic, but you have to know exactly which they will use and make sure you’re not trapping any inside.

Trapping or handling bats can be dangerous and, as many are endangered, may be illegal. We use only the most reliable professional methods, so if you think you have bats in your Michigan home, get in contact with Precision Wildlife Removal.

When Should you Hire a Michigan Bat Removal Company?

How do you know when you have a bat problem in your home? Their most common roosting spot is the attic which, when left open to the outdoors, gives them a safe, secluded space to protect their young while they go in and out at night for hunting.

Common signs of bats in the home include guano in the attic, on the porch, decking, or window sills. You may also see scratches inside or on the exterior walls of the home. They can also leave dirty stains as their fur contains grease. Lastly, if you see them or hear their squeaking or chirping at sunset or sunrise, it means their nest is nearby, potentially in the home.  In that case, it’s time to hire a Michigan Bat Removal company for an inspection, removal, clean up and control.

Get in Touch for Michigan Bat Control

Customers in Michigan who believe they have an infestation of bats can get in touch with Precision Wildlife Removal today. We offer consultations and quotes to figure out how exactly bats are getting in which method is the best and most cost-effective way to get rid of them. Call us and we can help you get some peace of mind about the security and health of your home.

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