Bats are fascinating creatures that play a crucial role in our ecosystem. However, when bats start roosting in our homes or buildings, they can cause significant damage and pose health risks. Bat infestation is a common problem that requires immediate attention. Understanding the type of damage these mammals can cause is important to take timely action. In this blog post, we will discuss the kind of damage bats cause, and what measures can be taken to prevent it.

Property Damage

Bats can cause extensive damage to our properties, especially in large colonies. When bats roost in attics, they can contaminate insulation and cause foul odor. Bat droppings or guano can accumulate over time, attract insects, and cause structural damage. Bats can also cause damage to electrical wiring, ceiling tiles, and drywall as they move around. Therefore, it’s important to remove their nesting sites as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Health Risks

Bat infestation also poses significant health risks to humans and pets. Bats are carriers of various diseases and viruses that can be transmitted through their droppings or bites. Histoplasmosis, a respiratory infection, is caused by fungus in bat guano and can be fatal for people with a weakened immune system. Rabies is also a serious concern as bats are the most common carrier of the virus in the US. Sometimes, bats may even accidentally fly into living spaces and pose a direct risk to humans and pets.

Noise and Disruption

Bats are nocturnal and can be noisy while they move around at night. Roosting colonies can cause a significant amount of noise, which can be disruptive to homeowners. The constant noise and disturbance can cause severe stress and interfere with the quality of life.

Pest Control

Bats are known to control insect populations, but sometimes they can disrupt the balance of nature. Insect infestation can cause various problems in and around the property, but having too many bats can lead to overpopulation and attract more insects. Therefore, it’s important to properly manage the bat population to prevent pest infestation inside and around the buildings.


Bats can cause significant damage to properties and pose health risks to individuals and pets. It’s important to carefully manage their presence and remove them humanely to prevent further damage. If you suspect a bat infestation or notice any signs of damage, it’s crucial to seek professional bat removal company help to address the issue. Ignoring the problem can lead to severe damage, health risks, and other issues. Prevention is key when dealing with bats, as it’s easier to take steps to avoid bats moving in than to try to remove bats that already reside there. So, remember, bats are essential for the ecosystem, but they can cause problems when they invade our living spaces, be mindful and take proactive measures to avoid bat infestation.