It can be very enjoyable to observe wildlife in their natural habitat, but it is generally much less enjoyable when you see them roaming about your property, scavenging for food.  For the most part, it’s best to discourage any kind of invasion by raccoons, possums, groundhogs, or other critters who may be looking for a free meal.  Here are some steps you can take to help avoid having these kinds of visitors roaming around your premises.

Eliminate Food Sources

The number one preventative which you should use to discourage wildlife from visiting your property is to eliminate food sources and drinking water.  If you happen to have a pet that lives primarily outdoors, it’ll be a good idea to take food out at designated times, and then bring the bowl back in when your pet has finished eating.  Don’t leave pet food out in the yard for any period of time, because for sure, any critters in the neighborhood will find it – and they’ll remember where they got it from. You should also make sure any refuse outside is tightly concealed, and protected inside a metal container which also has a secure lid.  On the day that your garbage gets picked up normally, make sure that it’s still protected inside the container right up until pickup time.

Seal Off Entry Points

If there are any entry points whatsoever around your household, you can bet that critters in the neighborhood will find it.  Even a very small crack or opening might be enough to let an animal squeeze through and gain access to your home.  Once that happens, it will be difficult to dislodge the critter, unless you engage the services of a professional pest remover such as Precision Wildlife Removal, where experts know exactly how to eliminate unwanted guests in the most humane manner.  If you’re not sure whether or not you may have access points available to critters, it’s a good idea to contact our pest control service and have one of our specialists inspect your home for possible entry points.

Removing Unwanted Visitors from your Property

If you suspect that you may already have one or more unwanted guests which have moved into your residence, contact us right away so that we can conduct a thorough inspection and consider what steps may be necessary.  It’s never a good idea to try to chase away wildlife on your own, because it’s very possible that you could be injured in the process, especially if you’re dealing with a rabid animal.  There are also laws in most states about just what you can do in the way of pest removal, and in most cases you certainly won’t be allowed to just kill off the animal.  By far, your best option is to contact Precision Wildlife Removal so that the job can be carried out in a safe and humane fashion.