Most raccoons prepare for a Michigan winter by hunkering down in their dens, and seeking shelter from the cold weather.  However, raccoons are not true hibernators, and that means they cannot simply go to sleep for the entire winter and emerge at springtime.  Instead, raccoons are obliged to emerge from their winter dens every few weeks to find food and drinking water.  When they do this, they will always seek the most available sources for both, and in some cases that might mean they will take up residence in your attic, garage, or a utility shed on your property.  To avoid having raccoons take up residence on your property, your best bet is to deny them the sustenance and drinking water which they require, and that will force them to look elsewhere to satisfy their needs.

When Raccoons Invade your Property

As a means of escaping the cold weather attendant during winter time, many raccoons will seek shelter in the most immediately available form.  In some cases, that shelter just might be your garage, or a shed which is situated on your property.  Even if you’re a wildlife lover, it’s not a good idea to allow raccoons to set up shop on your property, because they can cause all kinds of damage, and they’ll also be scavenging for food constantly, probably in your garbage cans and anywhere else around the neighborhood available to them.  But if you become aware that raccoons have taken up shelter somewhere on your property, the best thing you can do is contact Precision Wildlife Removal, so that the animals can be safely and humanely relocated to a setting that is natural for them and much safer for you.

Avoiding a Raccoon Invasion

The best way to avoid an invasion of raccoons on your property is to make sure that there is no food source which might be attainable in your yard, for instance any kind of berries, nuts, or plants which they might feed on. Raccoons are expert scavengers, and if you have any kind of garbage which can support them, you can bet they’ll find a way into it to establish a food source for themselves. This means you should never leave garbage bags laying around outside, because they will be easily broken into by hungry raccoons.  Instead, make sure all bags are sealed up and are placed within a closed garbage container or dumpster which cannot be penetrated by hungry raccoons.

While it may be impossible to keep your yard and your residence completely raccoon-proof, you can certainly go a long way toward discouraging them from using your property as a food source.  As often as possible, pick up any berries or nuts which might be laying around your yard, and of course, make sure that all your refuse is completely sealed up and unavailable to them.  By making your premises as unattractive and unappealing as possible to raccoons, you should be able to discourage them from coming around. That will cause them to look elsewhere for sustenance, and hopefully leave your residence undisturbed.