Bats do not like the cold and will hibernate through the winter months. This can vary depending on what part of the world they are in, but in Michigan bats start to hibernate in preparation for the cold winter months. Once the temperature goes down and insects start disappearing outside, bats start the hibernation process. There is no specific date, but this typically occurs in the September – November time frame. There must be a sufficient food supply of flying insects for a bat to maintain an adequate metabolism.

When do bats hibernate is a common question when homeowners find out that they might have a bat infestation in their attic.  They are looking for a warm to place to hibernate, and unfortunately the attic of a home is an ideal place for bats in Michigan. They will hibernate anywhere there is a warm space, but usually they will look for dark areas that do not get much use. Garages, attics, barns, and crawlspaces are typical examples of where you might find bats hibernating. They do not become fully active again until Spring time around late March thru May, which is also the time they give birth to their young. The pups stay with their mother until they are able to fly on their own, which is generally at about six weeks old.

Bat Removal in Winter

Bats are a federally protected species and you should never try to remove an infestation by yourself. Apart from trapping or harming them being against the law, you could put yourself, your family and your pets at risk of catching one of the many diseases they carry. Remember, they can eat thousands of mosquitoes every night, and this is just one of the reasons they deserve to be treated humanely. If you do not notice that you have a bat problem until winter time, you cannot remove a bat colony right away, but you can start on the process to prepare for spring time when the bats come out of hibernation.

Bat Inspection: Identify if a bat infestation exists and find entry points
Bat Control & Prevention: bat proof the home and seal entry points
Bat Exclusion: Install one-way bat doors in preparation for spring when the bats come out of hibernation
Bat Post-Inspection: Re-inspect the home and remove one way doors in spring when bat problem is solved
Bat Clean Up & Attic Restoration: clean the attic of damage from bat urine and bat guano, re-insulate if necessary, and complete repairs from any other damage

When Do Bats HibernateMichigan Bat Removal & Control

If you are hearing strange noises at night from within your home, call us at Precision Wildlife Removal. You could well have a colony of bats in your attic, or somewhere else within your home. We will inspect your property and if we find any, our experts will remove them efficiently and with the health and safety of your family in mind.

Bat removal should always be left to the professionals who are licensed, trained and experienced in what needs to be done. We offer bat removal and bat control services at an affordable price. If you think you might have a bat infestation get in touch with us today for professional bat removal service in Michigan.

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