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Squirrel Removal & Control Service

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Squirrel Removal & Control Service

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There’s a fair number of animal lovers out there that just love squirrels.  Some homeowners even feed them to keep the critters coming back because they are so cute (at least some seem to think so).  But what homeowners might not realize is that squirrels can also cause damage to your home. Squirrels can easily jump from trees to roofs where they gnaw their way into attics and destroy insulation and drywall in order to make nests.  If these cute creatures are starting to become an issue at your home or business, squirrel removal by a professional wildlife removal and control company might be a good solution to your problem. We not only remove squirrels, but also provide prevention and repair services to close up squirrel openings for good.  Our humane solutions effectively remove squirrels from your property.  If your situation is urgent and can’t wait, we offer 24/7 emergency services to keep you and your family safe.

Squirrel Control

Professional Squirrel Trapping

Squirrel trapping is an effective way to remove these pests from your home, barn, garage or building. A properly baited, live cage trap is one method that our professional wildlife team can utilize to manage the problem. But this type of animal removal should be left to the professionals. The DIY squirrel traps that you can buy at your local store are not effective and often fail.  The traps are typically not built safely and effectively to capture wildlife without harm.  When you hire a professional wildlife removal company, they will use advanced traps and methods in order to capture the squirrels in a safe and effective manner.

Squirrels can be a Nuisance!

Have you noticed squirrels in your gutters or running across your roof?  It’s likely that they’re not just getting in their exercise for the day.  In fact, they are likely trying to enter your home to make a nest, if they have not yet already done so.  Once squirrels make their way into your home or attic, they can chew electrical wires, make a nest in the insulation, and damage your property.  Squirrel urine and feces will contaminate your home and cause a health hazard to your family.  You might have done some research on squirrel repellents and deterrents online, but the only effective solution is to remove the squirrels from  your home, attic or chimney. Our proven solutions give you peace of mind knowing your squirrel problem will be solved for good.  In addition to our effective squirrel removal services, we can also seal up your home or building and restore your damaged property caused by these rodents.

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